When this reconstruction was made in 2004, nothing was known about skin and hair color. (more…)

For the exhibition, "Eye in Eye. The people behind mummy portraits." of the Allard Pierson Museum, a child mummy was transferred from the Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage of the University of Heidelberg. On this mummy, as on many other mummies from the Fayum area, a portrait was attached. (more…)

Dame Hillegonda, who came from very wealthy ancestry, survived her husband Willem by several years and lived to be 70 years old. (more…)

This man was interred in a mysterious cemetery in Tongeren (Belgium) where only men and children were buried. (more…)

In 15th century Harlem archives Cornelis is besides Jan, the most common name. This is the reason why archaeologists have named him this way. (more…)

In 1905 a part of the mound Hogebeintum, Friesland, was excavated. They found an hollowed out oak tree with the skeleton of a woman inside, a so-called tree-trunk-coffin. Because trees are very sparse in this area, one assumes that this oak must have been imported from far away. (more…)

The skeleton of Cees, the Stone Age man, has been excavated in 1990, in the province North-Holland, the Netherlands. (more…)

This girl, a teenager really (16-17 years old), lived around 900 BCE. She was interred with a older boy in a filled ditch. In a first version she wore simple clothes, but to show the wealth of the Bronze Age she was later dressed more lavishly and richly. (more…)

The skeleton of this young woman (24-27 year) was excavated in a pestilence graveyard, near the Rochus chapel in Amersfoort. There were remains of a cap broach on her skull, a metal support for a cap, coif or hood. (more…)