When this reconstruction was made in 2004, nothing was known about skin and hair color. (more…)

It is unknown whether this man may also be related to the women and child from this burial ground chosen for facial reconstruction. (more…)

The first facial reconstruction of the coastal dwellers was that of a young woman between 25 and 35 years of age.
She was named Ypje, after her find spot, Ypenburg. (more…)

One of the children from the Stone Age grave at Ypenburg was this young child. (more…)

This woman was also buried in the Stone Age grave at Ypenburg, (more…)

In Park Het Baken in Ypenburg a section has been devoted to archeology. (more…)

The skeleton of Cees, the Stone Age man, has been excavated in 1990, in the province North-Holland, the Netherlands. (more…)