Hermen of Zwolle met his demise in an unfortunate way. He was taken prisoner, by whom or why is unknown. Subsequently his hands were tied together at the wrists, his arms bound around his shins, and a stake was put between his knee hollows and elbows. It was in this uncomfortable position that archeologists found Hermen in the ground 600 years later. (more…)

In 1997 a part of the churchyard of the Saint Agnesconvent situated in The Hague, was excavated. This nun was interred at that cemetery. (more…)

Marcus (named after St. Mark, who was depicted on a coin found in his grave) was a young boy who lived in the city of Eindhoven around 1300 AD (more…)

Willem van Brederode and his wife Hillegonda were the founders of the Castle of Brederode. They were regarded as very wealthy nobility. (more…)

Dame Hillegonda, who came from very wealthy ancestry, survived her husband Willem by several years and lived to be 70 years old. (more…)

Willem, one of the most important knights of that era, fought alongside Willem II and commanded an army under Floris V. (more…)

One of the excavated graves contained a small coffin made of alder wood, with the skeletal remains of a five to ten year old girl, enveloped in straw, inside. (more…)

This man died in his forties. What is special about this individual is that he had two dents in his skull signifying major trauma. (more…)

This woman, between 41 and 47 years old, was also found at the “Gat in de Markt”-dig at Vlaardingen. (more…)

During the “Gat in de Markt”- dig at Vlaardingen a small coffin made of oak and ash was uncovered. (more…)

In 15th century Harlem archives Cornelis is besides Jan, the most common name. This is the reason why archaeologists have named him this way. (more…)

Between 2011 and 2013, a large-scale excavation was carried out near the St. Plechelmus Basilica in Oldenzaal. This is a 2D reconstruction. One of the many skeletons excavated at the time belonged to this man.


Geert Groote is the founder of the “Modern Devotion”, a spiritual renewal movement in the Catholic Church. On August 20, 1384, Geert Groote dies of the plague. (more…)

The tall man was over 70 years old. A respectable age for the Middle Ages. (more…)