Agnes, the nun from The Hague

Period: 15th – 16the century, Late Middle Ages / Modern Time

The nun during the excavation. Picture: department of Archaeology of the municipality of The Hague.
3D scan from the upper jaw. Made by M.H. Sepers, 4D - Research Lab.
The clothing in this picture is improvised.
Clothing here is makeshift.
Clothing: Eva IJsveld. Click for bigger image

In 1997 a part of the churchyard of the Saint Agnesconvent situated in The Hague, was excavated. This nun was interred at that cemetery. Members of this convent had to adhere to the vows of poverty, eternal chastity and complete obedience. And on top of that they had to lead the life of a good christian. The Saint Agnesconvent was founded in 1447 and discontinued in 1572. This nun died at a young age, she was only 21-24 years old. She had a normal body height for that time period. For the exhibition she is named Agnes. This skul is scanned by M.H.  Sepers, 4D-research lab.

Client: department of Archaeology of the municipality of The Hague.
Exhibition: Cold Cases in the archaeology of The Hague in museum Museon.