The Bronze Age teenager

2200-800 BCE, the Late Bronze Age

Fielddrawing: ROB
Cast in silicone rubber.
Photography: province Noord-Holland. Clothing: Marije de Mol. Body: van Gogh Modelmaking.
The Bronze Age girl in House of Hilde.

This girl, a teenager really (16-17 years old), lived around 900 BCE. She was interred with an older boy in a filled ditch. This is not the usual way of burying the deceased in those days. Most people from this period were farmers who held stock and cultivated grain and legumes among other things. The farms here were build on terps and were divided into a living area and a stable part.
The skull is scanned in the AMC by M. Poulus and R.J. Jansen. Data is  converted by M. van Stralen, ISI, at the UMC Utrecht.

Client: province North-Holland.
Exhibition: House of Hilde.